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DJI Matrice M210 V1

DJI Matrice M210 V1

The DJI M210 V1 is an advanced industrial-grade drone designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals across various industries. This versatile and robust drone offers exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.

With its dual-battery system, the M210 V1 provides extended flight times, allowing users to accomplish more during each mission. Its rugged and weather-resistant design ensures durability and enables it to operate in challenging environments, making it suitable for inspections, public safety, and other demanding tasks.

Equipped with a compatible Zenmuse camera, the M210 V1 captures high-quality imagery and videos from different angles, providing valuable visual data for inspections and mapping, The drone's advanced flight safety features, including obstacle avoidance and intelligent flight modes, enhance situational awareness and enable precise control, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

The M210 V1 boasts a flexible payload capacity, enabling the integration of additional sensors and equipment. This adaptability allows users to customize the drone for specific applications, such as thermal imaging, multispectral imaging, or payload delivery.

Supported by DJI's intuitive flight control system and the user-friendly DJI Pilot app, the M210 V1 simplifies mission planning, provides real-time telemetry, and facilitates data management. With its comprehensive features and capabilities, the DJI M210 V1 empowers professionals to accomplish complex tasks with ease, delivering reliable results and elevating their aerial operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Set includes: 

1x M210 Drone 

4x TB50 Batteries 

1x Cendance V1 Controller 

1x Crystal sky 

2x detacable remote-control Batteries. 

1x X4S Camera 

1x XTS thermal camera 


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